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Dr. Patrick J. LaRiccia
551 W. Lancaster Ave.
Suite 305
Haverford, Pennsylvania 19041

Location Hours:
Friday Mornings: 7:00AM to noon


Driving Directions:
From Blue Route (476) — Get off at Villanova, Route 30 exit. Go EAST on Route 30, (Lancaster Avenue). Pass Villanova University, pass through Bryn Mawr, pass Jaguar dealership on left, pass Acme Supermarket on left, pass Wendy’s on left. Immediately after Wendy’s is the Staffing Plus Building. Turn into Staffing Plus Building’s entrance drive on the left. EMS Sports is on the left immediately after the Staffing Plus Building. Directly across the street from the Staffing Plus Building is a Used Car Lot.

From City Avenue (better known as City Line Avenue) — turn onto Lancaster Avenue and travel WEST. Pass Lankeneau Hospital on left. Pass through Wynnewood, pass through Ardmore, pass Haverford Square, pass EMS Sports on right. Staffing Plus Building is the next building on the right, just before Wendy’s. Directly across the street is a Used Car Lot.

Parking: Turn into the entrance driveway and park anywhere unless a sign directs otherwise. Parking is free of charge.

Go to suite 305. My office is nested in this suite which will have Dr. George Lighty’s name on the outside. If you have a 7 a.m. appointment and the building’s outside entrance is locked, use the intercom to be buzzed in.

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Healthcare Providers serving this location.
  • Patrick J LaRiccia, MD