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Dr. Patrick J. LaRiccia

Penn-Presbyterian Medical Center
51 North 39th Street, Suite 200
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

Location Hours:
Saturday Mornings: 8 AM to 12 Noon


Driving Directions:
DIRECTIONS TO DR. LaRICCIA’S PHILADELPHIA OFFICE The following are detailed directions to my office on the Penn-Presbyterian campus. I am giving you a lot of detail in regard to where I am located on the Presbyterian campus. I suggest that you do not ask anyone on campus where I am, that you go solely by these directions, because my office has changed during the years here at Presbyterian and confusion and delay can result. Go to 38th and Market. If you are driving away from Center City, (Center City is in your rearview mirror), you will make a right turn onto 38thStreet. If you are driving towards Center City, (you are facing Center City), make a left turn onto 38th Street. You will see the Presbyterian parking garage on your left. Make a left at the second street which has a large sign for Penn-Presbyterian Medical Center. The parking garage entrance will be on your left. Park in the parking garage, and bring your ticket to my office to be stickered/validated. Parking is $2.00 with the validation sticker. Go to the entrance of the hospital that has five silver statues in front of it. The five silver statues are the most important part of these directions. If you do not see the statues in front of the entrance, do not go into the entrance. Go through the automatic doors. Then go through another set of automatic doors. This will bring you into a very small lobby. On the right-hand side of this small lobby will be a pharmacy. On the left-hand side of this small lobby will be a single elevator. Take the single elevator to the 2nd floor. I am in Suite 200 (the name on the door sign will read Roy Gay, MD ). If you should lose these directions, feel free to call my office and we can send them out to you again or give them to you again over the phone.

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